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Bus error after successful mmap of physical address

To: linux-mips <>
Subject: Bus error after successful mmap of physical address
From: "Alex Gonzalez" <>
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 18:31:22 +0100
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I am sure there is a basic reason why this is not working but I just
can't see it.

I am booting with mem=512MB and trying to access a memory region at
0xC0000000 mapped by a fixed TLB entry.

My driver does,

vma->vm_flags = vma->vm_flags | VM_IO | VM_RESERVED ;
vma->vm_page_prot = pgprot_noncached(vma->vm_page_prot) ;

        // Map the whole physically contiguous area in one piece
        if( (ret  = io_remap_pfn_range(vma , vma->vm_start, vma->vm_pgoff ,
vma->vm_end - vma->vm_start , vma->vm_page_prot)) < 0 )
    return ret;
        return 0

And my user space app does:

// open device
        vadr = mmap( NULL , 1024*1024 ,
        if(vadr == MAP_FAILED)
                perror("mmap failed.\n");

That goes OK, but then if I try to read or write from vadr I get a "Bus error".

Isn't that the correct way to map a physical address region to user
space? I just need to make sure that this is the case before starting
to debug the issue.

Thank a lot,

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