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Re: [PATCH -mm 3/4] MIPS: Add BCM947XX to Kconfig

To: Michael Buesch <>
Subject: Re: [PATCH -mm 3/4] MIPS: Add BCM947XX to Kconfig
From: Felix Fietkau <>
Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2007 20:13:39 +0200
Cc: Aurelien Jarno <>, Andrew Morton <>,, Waldemar Brodkorb <>, Florian Schirmer <>
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Michael Buesch wrote:

> Shouldn't we leave the PCICORE an option instead of force selecting
> it here?
> My WRT54G doesn't have a (usable) PCI core. So it would work
> without the driver for it.
> Especially on the small WAP54G disabling PCIcore support could
> be useful to reduce the kernel size.
Yeah, leave it as an option, but I think a 'default y if BCM947XX' on
the PCICORE option would be reasonable, since many 47xx devices do have pci.

- Felix

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