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Re: O2 RM7000 Issues

Subject: Re: O2 RM7000 Issues
From: Andrew Sharp <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 10:38:23 -0700
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Organization: Onstor
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On Mon, 16 Jul 2007 13:33:44 +0100 Ralf Baechle <>

> On Mon, Jul 16, 2007 at 03:53:18PM +0400, Sergey Rogozhkin wrote:
> > >Big loud bell began ringing.  The RM7000 fetches and decodes
> > >multiple instructions in one go.  And just like the E9000 cores it
> > >does throw an exception if it doesn't like one of the opcodes even
> > >if that doesn't actually get executed.  The kernel has a
> > >workaround for this PMC-Sierra peculiarity (I call it a bug) but
> > >it's only being activated for E9000 platforms.
> > 
> > We have had a similar problems with shell on RM7000 based system.
> > It seems, the reason listed above is only half of the problem,
> > another is: linux works incorrectly with RM7000 caches hierarchy.
> > One visible effect is errors in userspace on signal delivery
> > trampolines. Lets imagine we deliver a signal to application: we
> > write signal trampoline instructions to stack, writeback (and
> > invalidate) corresponding dcache line, invalidate corresponding
> > icache line. Thats all, and we think that we can safely execute the
> > trampoline, but this is wrong on RM7000! Our trampoline is now in
> > scache, and everything seems to be ok, but after some number of
> > load/stores corresponding scache line can be moved to dcache,
> > replaced in scache by another data and not written to memory (this
> > is a feature of RM7000 caches, its dcache is not a subset of
> > scache, you can find a possible scenario of similar (but not the
> > same) cache line transference in RM7000 manual (7.1.5 Orphaned
> > Cache Lines)). After that it is possible that on signal trampoline
> > execution icache fetch old memory content instead of instruction
> > written. If we want to execute instruction written by cpu, we must
> > not only writeback corresponding dcache lines, but also writeback
> > corresponding scache lines after it. The error is very sensitively
> > to kernel/user code and data arrangement, it can be visible with
> > one kernel configuration and irreproducible with another. The
> > problem affects not only signal trampoline flush to memory, but
> > most cases of icache invalidation in kernel.
> Hmm...  Makes sense.  I guess I can cook up a patch based on that
> analysis.

I hungrily await said patch, as I believe this is a problem on RM9000
processors as well.  I'm seeing "random" SIGILLs on user processes,
particularly large complicated shell scripts like configure on an RM9k



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