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Re: about cs5536 interrupt ack

To: "Maciej W. Rozycki" <>
Subject: Re: about cs5536 interrupt ack
From: Songmao Tian <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 23:19:07 +0800
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Before I post the mail, I think you will reply, and haha you did:), Thanks that.

Maciej W. Rozycki wrote:
On Wed, 11 Jul 2007, Songmao Tian wrote:

"Control Logic
The INT output goes directly to the CPU interrupt input.
When an INT signal is activated, the CPU responds with an
Interrupt Acknowledge access that is translated to two
pulses on the INTA input of the PIC. At the first INTA pulse,
the highest priority IRR bit is loaded into the corresponding
ISR bit, and that IRR bit is reset. The second INTA pulse
instructs the PIC to present the 8-bit vector of the interrupt
handler onto the data bus."

Is it the responsibility of north bridge to reponse to intr with a PCI
Interrupt Ack cycle?

With an i386 system such a pair of INTA cycles would be generated by the CPU itself and translated by the north bridge to a PCI Interrupt Acknowledge cycle (see the PCI spec for a more elaborate description).

If the CPU does not generate INTA cycles, it is a common practice to let it ask the north bridge for a PCI Interrupt Acknowledge in some other way, typically by issuing a read cycle that returns the vector reported by the interrupt controller.

it's a problem that my northbridge didn't implement that! Fortunately we use a
fpga as a northbridge.

it seem it's no way to fix this by software, for OCW3 didn't implemnt Poll

Huh? Have you managed to find an 8259A clone *that* broken? So what does it return if you write 0xc to the address 0x20 in the I/O port space and then read back from that location? You should complain to the

It's the value of IRR, so guess IRR. AMD has well documented cs5536, I appreciate that.

manufacturer -- they may be able to fix the problem in a later revision.

BTW, I have just found a bug (OK, a misfeature, perhaps) in include/asm-mips/i8259.h. ;-) I'll cook a patch.

so I guess the the process is:
1) 8259 receive a int, a bit irr got set.
2) 8259 assert intr.
3) northbrige generate a int ack cycle.
4) cs5536 translate the ack into two INTA pulse, and the reponse northbridge
with a interrupt vector.
5) then my program can get the vector from northbridge?

Is that right?

More or less -- 3-5 should probably be the outcome of a single read transaction from the north bridge. I.e. you issue a read to a "magic" location, 3-5 happen, and the data value returned is the vector presented by the interrupt controller on the PCI bus.
yeah, we can implement a register in north bridge.
Without int ack, generic linux-mips 8259 code can't work.

You can still dispatch interrupts manually by examining the IRR register, but having a way to ask the 8259A's prioritiser would be nice. Although given such a lethal erratum you report I would not count on the prioritiser to provide any useful flexibility...
yeah, that's a straight thought, tried but failed:(, patch followed.


diff --git a/include/asm-mips/i8259.h b/include/asm-mips/i8259.h
index e88a016..38628af 100644
--- a/include/asm-mips/i8259.h
+++ b/include/asm-mips/i8259.h
@@ -42,6 +42,37 @@ extern void enable_8259A_irq(unsigned int irq);
extern void disable_8259A_irq(unsigned int irq);

extern void init_i8259_irqs(void);
+static inline int _byte_ffs(u8 word)
+    int num = 0;
+    if ((word & 0xf) == 0) {
+        num += 4;
+        word >>= 4;
+    }
+    if ((word & 0x3) == 0) {
+        num += 2;
+        word >>= 2;
+    }
+    if ((word & 0x1) == 0)
+        num += 1;
+    return num;
+static inline int read_irq(int port)
+    outb(0x0A, port);
+    return _byte_ffs(inb(port));
+static inline int read_irq(int port)
+    /* Perform an interrupt acknowledge cycle on controller 1. */
+    outb(0x0C, port);        /* prepare for poll */
+    return inb(port) & 7;

 * Do the traditional i8259 interrupt polling thing.  This is for the few
@@ -54,18 +85,16 @@ static inline int i8259_irq(void)


-    /* Perform an interrupt acknowledge cycle on controller 1. */
-    outb(0x0C, PIC_MASTER_CMD);        /* prepare for poll */
-    irq = inb(PIC_MASTER_CMD) & 7;
+    irq = read_irq(PIC_MASTER_CMD);
    if (irq == PIC_CASCADE_IR) {
         * Interrupt is cascaded so perform interrupt
         * acknowledge on controller 2.
-        outb(0x0C, PIC_SLAVE_CMD);        /* prepare for poll */
-        irq = (inb(PIC_SLAVE_CMD) & 7) + 8;
-    }
+        irq = read_irq(PIC_SLAVE_CMD) + 8;
+    }
    if (unlikely(irq == 7)) {
         * This may be a spurious interrupt.
@@ -78,7 +107,7 @@ static inline int i8259_irq(void)
        if(~inb(PIC_MASTER_ISR) & 0x80)
            irq = -1;

    return likely(irq >= 0) ? irq + I8259A_IRQ_BASE : irq;

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