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Re: R1000 status

To: Giuseppe Sacco <>
Subject: Re: R1000 status
From: Kumba <>
Date: Sat, 19 May 2007 15:00:15 -0400
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Giuseppe Sacco wrote:
Hi all,
reading many web pages I think to understand that R10000 is supported on
IP22 systems and is unsupported on IP32 systems because of its cache.

The page display a
different result: R10000 on SIGG O2 is supported.

Is there any news or a list of known problems?

R10000 on IP22 actually refers to the IP28 system, Indigo2 R10000 Impact. And it does work if you use the latest patches, but YMMV.

R10000 on IP32 is a different story. I used to maintain a patch that was essentially the IP28 patch minus IP28-specific bits to the kernel, and built with an R10K-equipped gcc toolchain, produced a kernel that would run for a decent amount of time, however, using the scsi disk or the network module could lock the machine up. You also got a gazillion CRIME CPU errors on the main console.

I'll have to rebuild the patch again and see how it handles nowadays, but I believe that, regardless, enhancements need to be made to aic7xxx to protect against the non-cache cohenecy of the machine, and something equivalent to the meth module (network) as well. That, or someone implements the "Juice" capability of the system.


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