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Re: [PATCH] MIPS: Run checksyscalls for N32 and O32 ABI

Subject: Re: [PATCH] MIPS: Run checksyscalls for N32 and O32 ABI
From: Atsushi Nemoto <>
Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 22:51:54 +0900 (JST)
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On Sat, 12 May 2007 20:58:54 +0200, Sam Ravnborg <> wrote:
> > Subject: [PATCH] MIPS: Simplify missing-syscalls for N32 and O32
> This is overengineered. The only reason to make the syscall check
> for each and every build was that this was easy and the missing syscalls
> are easy to spot during a normal build.
> But checking all combinations is just not worth it.
> The arch responsible are assumed to build for the different architectures
> once in a while so a missing syscall are likely to be detected anyway.
> We cannot run each and every consistency check in all combinations
> for each build - that would end in only build noise.

Well, 64-bit MIPS has three ABIs and each ABI has complete set of
syscalls.  So a result of default "missing-syscalls" target (which is
for N64 ABI) is not useful at all for other two ABIs.

I think checking them is worth even if the S/N ratio was quite low.
Atsushi Nemoto

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