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Re: PCI video card on SGI O2

Subject: Re: PCI video card on SGI O2
Date: Tue, 8 May 2007 11:16:23 -0400 (EDT)
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>> 3) I tried a Voodoo 1, ATI Mach 64, S3 Virge DX, GX, etc., I actually
>> have
>> a Millenium I but it won't fit in the O2. I mention these since they
>> were
>> listed here as
>> potentially working. I'm assuming I need more kernel support?
>> Surprisingly, the character device drivers will compile and boot, and
>> lspci and other tools will recognize the card as a VGA device. I just
>> can't get a console or X to use them.
> The voodoo1 and voodoo2 should work - they are not VGA devices and don't
> have any compatibility vga gunk on them at all. You will need the voodoo
> frame buffer and/or X server driver, neither of which needs BIOS support.
> There is no 3D support on them as I could never be bothered to write the
> 3D engine bootstrap code.
> Alan
I agree the Voodoo 1 should work. The issue here is that I can compile in
tdfx character support for the kernel and still have it boot, but can't
boot with tdfx framebuffer support on the O2 for some reason. With just
character support lspci IDs the card

00:03.0 PCI VGA compatible controller: ...

However, trying to start gives the following errors:

(EE) TDFX(0): V_BIOS address 0x0 out of range
(EE) end of block range 0x1ffffef < begin 0xfffffff0
(EE) end of block range 0xfef < begin 0xffffff0

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