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Re: Au1500 and TI PCI1510 cardbus

To: Marco Braga <>
Subject: Re: Au1500 and TI PCI1510 cardbus
From: Sergei Shtylyov <>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 18:32:27 +0300
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Marco Braga wrote:
2007/3/20, Sergei Shtylyov <>:

    What I don't understand is why use USB card on CardBus, if the Au1500
datasheet clearly tells us (well, at least me :-) that this is *not* going to work?

I'll reply for my part: we need something hotswappable, and support for
wifi. The first idea was to use cardbus, so a board was built using PCI1510. When the system was projected, USB2.0 was not easy to find (if even existed)
and almost every wifi card was PCMCIA or Cardbus. The PCI1510 never worked,
and it seems now that never will. So at the moment an alternative is to try
a wifi dongle on USB. USB 1.x was too slow, but USB 2.0 seems ok for our
application. Au1500 does not support USB2.0, so I am looking for a
PCI/USB2.0 controlles. Does something similar exist? Does it work on Au1500?

Well, it all should be working fine in the board's own PCI slots, i.e. on the primary PCI bus.

To make it short, we are NOT trying to make USB work on Cardbus, but to use
either cardbus OR usb. :-)

 From what you've told me cardbus on PCI (being a bridge) cannot work with
AU1500's PCI device. So the next idea is to try an USB controller on PCI.
Will it work? Well, I'm hoping for some fresh hand advice on this.

   Yes, this should work.

Now Takeyoshi tells me that he's using both USB2.0 and Cardbus (not USB on
Cardbus), so this seems interesting. I still think that USB is the best way

From what I saw his USB is not on the primary bus, so he's taking the mentioned risks.

to go, but still a working PCI to Cardbus controller can be interesting. But I don't know how he's managed to make it work, since from what you have told
me it should not work.

The layout of his PCI busses is not clear from lspci's dump he's cited but his USB is clearly in the "risk zone".

Perhaps he's not using Cardbus devices but PCMCIA.

It's not me -- it's written in the publicly available datasheet (spec. update I have just has more details :-)

WBR, Sergei

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