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Re: Re: Re: Au1500 and TI PCI1510 cardbus

To: "Marco Braga" <>
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Au1500 and TI PCI1510 cardbus
From: Takeyoshi Kikuchi <>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 18:02:56 +0900
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"Marco Braga" <> wrote:

>2007/3/20, Takeyoshi Kikuchi <>:
>Our Au1500 board works fine with Ricoh CardBus Bridge and NEC USB
>> controller.
>> However, the board does not work stably with TI PCI1520 controller.
>As you have seen, we've experienced the same problem with the PCI1510. Can
>you please give me the exact product number of both the controllers you use
>(USB / Cardbus)? In particular your cardbus experience is interesting
>because from the informations I've received until now I tought that no
>cardbus controller could work on Au1500's PCI.

The controllers are as follows:

Cardbus Bridge:
  Ricoh R5C486  (Vendor/Device 1180:0476)
USB Controller:
  NEC uPD720101 (CardBus) (Vendor/Device 1033:00e0)

Ali IEEE1394/USB Combo (Vendor/Device 10b9:5239) also works.

The combination of Au1500(MIPS32) and EHCI code has a problem: ll/sc 
always get locked when it manipulates an atomic variable in the EHCI 
descriptor (qh_get() in ehci-mem.c). 
We applied a patch that adds a function to lib/kref.c so that it doesn't
 use ll/sc.

Linux 2.6.20 has a problem in ioremap, so we replaced the code with one in 

Takeyoshi Kikuchi

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