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[PATCH], Re: IP32 prom crashes due to __pa() funkiness

To: Linux MIPS List <>
Subject: [PATCH], Re: IP32 prom crashes due to __pa() funkiness
From: peter fuerst <>
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2007 10:41:59 +0100 (CET)
In-reply-to: <>
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Hi !

Watching the discussion about __pa(), CPHYSADDR and related stuff, with about
a hundred e-mails last October, and rising again several times recently (see
below), i wonder why we must cling so firmly to the "x - page_offset"
algorithm, the least capable one. AFAIK this method is taken over unaltered
from the i386 arch (yes, i know, the majority of archs did this), where we
have a situation quite different from MIPS:
A (preferably simple) mapping must be invented for kernel-memory with some,
more or less deliberately chosen, "page-offset". There exist no addresses
beside this mapping, no hardware "kernel-mappings" with (un)cached regions,
cached-attributes, unmapped spaces, etc. and "x - page_offset" is necessary
and sufficient to handle all addresses.

On the MIPS-side there isn't really something like "the" page-offset, and
the processor architecture already defines kernel spaces with respective
address-syntax. In other words, the definitions in asm-mips/addrspace.h
properly describe the virtual/physical conversions and masking, not some
subtracting, is the natural way to go.

Since __pa() and virt_to_phys() are currently "under construction" anyway,
i think it's time to submit robust versions (with kernel_physaddr() stolen
from the IP30 patch) for both, that handle any pitfall in one place and may
be used without pain throughout the kernel. I don't know, which one to prefer,
29 drivers are using __pa(), 60 are using virt_to_phys(), the uses in
arch/mips files are about equal.

Having a robust __pa()/virt_to_phys() avoids the need for local fixes, like
in sgiwd93.c and sgiseeq.c, which have to cope with at least one uncached
(usu. 0x9000...) address-type and at least one cached type (usu. 0xa800...)
in xkphys, and where virt_to_phys() blew up nicely. In some situation there
may be need to handle a ckseg0/1 address additionaly.

On Thu, 1 Mar 2007, Franck Bui-Huu wrote:

> Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2007 10:39:08 +0100
> From: Franck Bui-Huu <>
> To: Kumba <>
> Cc: Linux MIPS List <>
> Subject: Re: IP32 prom crashes due to __pa() funkiness
> Hi,
> Kumba wrote:
> >
> > Initially, booting a straight git checkout on an IP32 will cause it to
> > prom crash, usually somewhere in between init_bootmem() and
> > init_bootmem_core().  I bisected git to trace this back to one of the
> > inital __pa() introduction patches from commit d4df6d4 (get ride of
> > CPHYSADDR()).  It actually appears that the actual commit that broke
> > things was 620a480 (Make __pa() aware of XKPHYS/CKSEG0 address mix for
> > 64 bit kernels).
> >
> > The [short-term] fix highlighted by Ilya is to make __pa()
> > unconditionally be defined to "((unsigned long)(x) < CKSEG0 ?
> > PAGE_OFFSET : CKSEG0)"; Discovered by building IP32 with
> >
> Well, it means that you previously used CONFIG_BUILD_ELF64=y (this
> implied that PAGE_OFFSET is in XKPHYS) whereas your kernel has CKSEG
> load address (symbols need PAGE_OFFSET in CKSEG for address
> translation).
> ...

Signed-off-by: peter fuerst <>

--- c6275088cf65aaa1826e426e9e683b6c3e1f371c/include/asm-mips/addrspace.h       
Sat Mar 10 08:38:53 2007
+++ kernelphysaddr-version/include/asm-mips/addrspace.h Sat Mar 10 08:38:53 2007
@@ -54,6 +54,17 @@
 #define XPHYSADDR(a)            ((_ACAST64_(a)) &                      \

+static inline unsigned long kernel_physaddr(unsigned long kva)
+#ifdef CONFIG_64BIT
+       if((kva & 0xffffffff80000000UL) == 0xffffffff80000000UL)
+               return CPHYSADDR(kva);
+       return XPHYSADDR(kva);
+       return CPHYSADDR(kva);
 #ifdef CONFIG_64BIT

--- 92ec2618560c984355e653d33d5dc935e5e1488c/include/asm-mips/io.h      Sat Mar 
10 08:41:06 2007
+++ kernelphysaddr-version/include/asm-mips/io.h        Sat Mar 10 08:41:06 2007
@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@ static inline void set_io_port_base(unsi
 static inline unsigned long virt_to_phys(volatile const void *address)
-       return (unsigned long)address - PAGE_OFFSET + PHYS_OFFSET;
+       return kernel_physaddr((unsigned long)address);

--- d3fbd83ff545e49e2a0a5ca0f00dda4eedaf8be7/include/asm-mips/page.h    Sat Mar 
10 08:43:17 2007
+++ kernelphysaddr-version/include/asm-mips/page.h      Sat Mar 10 08:43:17 2007
@@ -154,7 +154,7 @@ typedef struct { unsigned long pgprot; }
 #define __pa_page_offset(x)    PAGE_OFFSET
-#define __pa(x)                ((unsigned long)(x) - __pa_page_offset(x) + 
+#define __pa(x)                kernel_physaddr((unsigned long)(x))
 #define __va(x)                ((void *)((unsigned long)(x) + PAGE_OFFSET - 
 #define __pa_symbol(x) __pa(RELOC_HIDE((unsigned long)(x),0))

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