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Re: Advice needed.

Subject: Re: Advice needed.
From: "W.P." <>
Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2007 19:07:14 +0100
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>The configuration structure is difficult to understand (even if you have
>the C header containing the struct)
I don't have any header files for flash. Do you? In tarballs for BR,
there is no source for utilities like flash.
I'm trying to "decode" this structure, variable-by-variable. I have used
your flash utility source

>Just use the "flash" program.
The one, that comes with original firmware? But what about webs, as i
looked into, this needs too some knowledge of flash datastructures.?

About webs -> will try to add some printf for debugging, and see.

BTW, maybe the JP3 connector (just 12 little holes) is the JTAG. Will
upload photo i think tomorrow. I have checked this with ohmometer and
pin-map of 8186, and it seems to be JTAG + RESET+ something(?). You have
published schema of JTAG cable, but what software shall anyone use?


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