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Re: Embedding rootfs with kernel

Subject: Re: Embedding rootfs with kernel
From: Marc St-Jean <>
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2007 11:03:08 -0800
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Alexander Voropay wrote:
>  >I was also looking at initramfs but from documentation I found it,
>  > appears to expand the cpio.gz into a tmpfs (i.e. RAM) before using
>  > it.
>  Read this nice article:

Thanks Alexander, I'd read it many months ago, it does clarifies a few
issues. Another article on various methods of preparing the initramfs is:
"Including an initramfs Intialization Program in the Kernel"

Neither of these seem to help with regards to embedding a read-only
file system. It seems like there is no officially supported way of doing
this. Presumably these types of file systems are meant to only be used
separate from the kernel image, such as in a flash partition.

I guess we can continue to use our current method, but I was hoping
to eliminate any changes to non-platform code such as


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