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RE: [MIPS] Remove Basler Excite support

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Subject: RE: [MIPS] Remove Basler Excite support
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Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2007 11:35:55 +0100
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the last time I worked on it (which is three days ago, while working to make 
the excite nand flash driver ready for submission), it built and ran just fine, 
so I really wonder why you are removing it. I now notice that it has been made 
depending on BROKEN some time ago, which escaped my attention when it happened.

The reason I did not encounter any build problems is that I always built the 
code with the yet-to-be-submitted drivers. The compilation error you get when 
building the excite platform is caused by a dependency upon the rm9k_serial 
driver, on which the platform depends for serial console support. I haven't yet 
managed to submit that driver, although I made several attempts. If serial 
console support were disabled, the code could trivially be fixed to compile 
without errors.

Can you revert the removal?


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