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Re: Advice needed.

Subject: Re: Advice needed.
From: "W.P." <>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 22:34:02 +0100
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Użytkownik Brett Neumeier napisał:

>On Wed, 2007-01-31 at 19:16 +0100, W.P. wrote:
>>I'm looking for the simpliest reliable method of not using webs-included
>>procedures for programming flash.
>>What i want, is to be able to reprogram flash with image generated on
>>PC, that i may download to BR system.
>Suppose that you create a new image on your computer, and program it
>into the flash, and the new image does not boot.
>Do you have any way of recovering from that situation?  (This might
>involve something like a JTAG cable.)
No, I don't have JTAG cable nor software ;(

>If not, I'm not sure how you can really do anything "safely"....
Now i am changing firmware using supplied tool inside webs program. I am
able to generate working image on a PC.
The problem for now, is how to program it into Flash NOT USING webs
program. Problem i am asking here for help is in
programming flash, not in generating image. If I generate image that
will not boot, i'll have a problem.
Could you help?


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