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Re: Advice needed.

To: "W.P." <>
Subject: Re: Advice needed.
From: David Daney <>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 09:22:40 -0800
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W.P. wrote:
currently i am "fighting" with Edimax BR-6024Wg, (Realtek-8186 based,
lexra-mips). I need an advice from a system developer/programmer:

1). When using original firmware (EDIMAX-developed Linux-mips), task of
upgrading firmware is done by web server binary: webs, which is GoAhead
2.1.1, BUT Edimax didn't published "applets" -> C functions, that
implement real functionality.

2). In /dev directory there is a block node with mtd name. I have cat'ed
it's contents to /web, and downloaded to PC. File seems to be raw
contents of Flash memory: 2048*1024bytes long. If I drop first 64kB and
truncate file to same length that Edimax-supplied firmware, files show
to be the same (using cmp). The first 64kB looks to contain among
others, variables used in BR system. There is originally an utility
"flash" to get/set variables.

Now the question:
When I will have a new firmware (image) will it be safe(!?) to do such
thing: (instead of using webs binary):
cat /dev/mtd > some.file
dd first 64k of some.file to other.file,
then download image (from PC) to a third.file
cat other.file third.file > /dev/mtd back.??????

Using cat or dd to write to /dev/mtd? probably will not work. If there is a /dev/mtdblock? perhaps. Otherwise use the mtd utilities (flashcp or nandwrite depending on the type of flash memory) to write to /dev/mtd?.

Take a look at this site for more information:

David Daney

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