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Re: RTL-8186 follow-up

To: Florian Fainelli <>,
Subject: Re: RTL-8186 follow-up
From: "W.P." <>
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007 23:32:40 +0100
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>There might be version mismatch, or other modules to load before this one. 
>This can also be a kernel configuration problem, related to modules that are 
>expected to be in-kernel.
You gave me an idea: i think it's related to fact, that those modules
expect to be linked into kernel (they complain about basic kernel
symbols too). But how to make sure?? - not risking to render board unusable?
If you find a method (maybe trying to link a non network-critical module
into kernel, like ipsec), please provide step-by-step instructions to me.

>>Well, unless you have erased the booloader, I think you should still
be able
>>to reflash the device using bootloader commands, even via xmodem if
the loader allows it.

You THINK or you KNOW? (in case of 8186!)

>>I think you should have a look at this page [1], where there are
ressources to create custom rtl8181 firmwares.

I will, but on my board there is 8186, not 8181. And very beginning of
bootstrap, in bootloader i can see no option of TFTP (see atached file).

UART1 output test ok
Uart init
mfid=000000c2 devid=00002249
Found 1 x 2M flash memory

---RealTek(RTL8186)at 2005.06.06-11:22+0800 version 1.3c [32bit](180MHz)

---Escape booting by user
----------------- COMMAND MODE HELP ------------------
HELP (?)                                    : Print this help message
D <Address> <Len>
EW <Address> <Value1> <Value2>...
EH <Address> <Value1> <Value2>...
EB <Address> <Value1> <Value2>...
EC <Address> <Value1> <Length>...
CMP: CMP <dst><src><length>
J: Jump to <TargetAddress>
FLW: FLW <dst><src><length>
FLR: FLR <dst><src><length>
LOADADDR: <Load Address>
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