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Re: RTL-8186 follow-up

To: "W.P." <>
Subject: Re: RTL-8186 follow-up
From: Florian Fainelli <>
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007 22:38:08 +0100
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Hi Laurent,

Le samedi 27 janvier 2007 18:31, W.P. a écrit :
> <cut>
> 1). I have added modules found in KERNEL_SRC/rtl8186 (that i wrote about
> in other post), to image, but trying to load them gives "unresolved
> symbol" errors:
> <example>
> # insmod ip_nat_l2tp
> Using /lib/modules/2.4.18-MIPS-01.00/ip_nat_l2tp.o
> insmod: unresolved symbol kmalloc
> insmod: unresolved symbol create_proc_entry
> insmod: unresolved symbol ip_nat_helper_register
> insmod: unresolved symbol ip_nat_helper_unregister
> insmod: unresolved symbol csum_partial
> insmod: unresolved symbol sprintf
> </example>

There might be version mismatch, or other modules to load before this one. 
This can also be a kernel configuration problem, related to modules that are 
expected to be in-kernel.

> This problem is very of interest, because there are modules for IP_SEC,
> and a module rtl8186 (NIC driver??) that is much SMALLER that module
> with the same name rtl8186 generated during kernel compilation. There is
> also module named wireless_ag_net.
> 2). Is there some possibility to "recover" using serial port if it
> happens to corrupt kernel to point to not have network access? (I mean
> NOT using JTAG).??

Well, unless you have erased the booloader, I think you should still be able 
to reflash the device using bootloader commands, even via xmodem if the 
loader allows it.

> 3). Florian, could you help me to "reverse engineer" Edimax-supplied
> firmware image? AFAIR it is composed of header, compressed vmlinux and
> compressed initrd. But how to find at what offset those images are?, and
> how are they compressed.

I think you should have a look at this page [1], where there are ressources to 
create custom rtl8181 firmwares.

> W.P.


Regards, Florian

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