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Re: RTL-8186 follow-up

To: Florian Fainelli <>,
Subject: Re: RTL-8186 follow-up
From: "W.P." <>
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007 18:31:09 +0100
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1). I have added modules found in KERNEL_SRC/rtl8186 (that i wrote about
in other post), to image, but trying to load them gives "unresolved
symbol" errors:

# insmod ip_nat_l2tp
Using /lib/modules/2.4.18-MIPS-01.00/ip_nat_l2tp.o
insmod: unresolved symbol kmalloc
insmod: unresolved symbol create_proc_entry
insmod: unresolved symbol ip_nat_helper_register
insmod: unresolved symbol ip_nat_helper_unregister
insmod: unresolved symbol csum_partial
insmod: unresolved symbol sprintf

This problem is very of interest, because there are modules for IP_SEC,
and a module rtl8186 (NIC driver??) that is much SMALLER that module
with the same name rtl8186 generated during kernel compilation. There is
also module named wireless_ag_net.

2). Is there some possibility to "recover" using serial port if it
happens to corrupt kernel to point to not have network access? (I mean
NOT using JTAG).??

3). Florian, could you help me to "reverse engineer" Edimax-supplied
firmware image? AFAIR it is composed of header, compressed vmlinux and
compressed initrd. But how to find at what offset those images are?, and
how are they compressed.


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