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Re: Beginning with REALTEK RTL-8186.

Subject: Re: Beginning with REALTEK RTL-8186.
From: "W.P." <>
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007 00:55:43 +0100
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Użytkownik Don Hiatt napisał:

>I'd certainly like to here about it. Well done.
Let it be ;)

0). Model: EDIMAX BR-6204Wg, CPU: Realtek RTL-8186, bridge/NIC:
RTL-83055C, Flash: 1x MX-29LV160CBTC-70G, RAM: 2x PSC-.....

1). First of all, i have disassembled the device to get to it's serial
port. On PCB i've found a 4-pins header labeled JP2. Optical inspection
followed by ohmometer use shown that it is RTL's serial port. Pin
functions (from center to egde): +3.3Vcc, RxD (RTL's receiver), GND, TxD
(RTL's transmitter).
Then i connected an MAX232 level translator to those pins, using +3.3V
as power (CAUTION: 232 from Ti did not work @ 3.3V), as proposed on
mips-wiki pages. Parameters of transmission: 38400/8N1. BTW Edimax tech
support for Europe refused to tell if that header is serial.

2). On username/pass prompt working configuration was super/@gogolinux -
again from wiki.

3). Software instalation that comes from Edimax lacks nearly everything
;( no vi, not even ln.

4). Downloaded sources from Edimax Taiwanese site: a little
71.5MB package. ;)
4a). what lacks from that tarball: /web directory, *.sh scripts from /bin
4b). using default build instructions found in tarball leads to lack of
webserver (webs), and two important other execs: /bin/setup and
/bin/flash. The latter is, as i realize an interface to store/fetch
variables from flash. The setup file SHOULD be in tarball: it is
referenced in build chain, but is missing (whole directory AP/console).
4c). I launched build, then I copied missing files from working system
and  then blocked script in rtl-11g-GPL/AP/mkimg/app_11g_script to NOT
regenerate top.11g directory. Then i ran build once again.

5). Flashed resulting bin file onto Edimax.

6). Boots OK, but have to manually start and webs& from serial
6a). Much more options in Busybox enabled. ex: vi, ln, etc.

7). For this moment i have returned back to original (downloaded 1.48)
Edimax firmware.

Tomorrow I'll upload photos and boot-progress files somewhere.


PS, there is a lot in configuration of this system, that i do not
understand clearly: ex: ifconfig shows: br0, br1 WITH ip-addresses,
eth0, eth1, wlan0 WITHOUT ip....
I'll have to investigate config files/scripts.

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