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Re: Running linux-2.6.18 kernel in uncache area

To: sathesh babu <>
Subject: Re: Running linux-2.6.18 kernel in uncache area
From: mlachwani <>
Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2007 13:21:54 -0800
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sathesh babu wrote:
I would like to know is there any configuration option ( using make menuconfig) to turn off cache in linux-2.6.18 kernel. Basically i would like to run kernel in uncache area. I see there is an option in the in the menuconfig under Kernel hacking
             [ ] Run uncached (NEW)
Sould i need to enable this  option to run in the uncahe area?
Could you please tell me how to disable cache and run the kernel in uncache area. Regards,

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That should be it. Did you try with that option MIPS_UNCACHED enabled?

Manish Lachwani

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