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Re: 2.6.19 timer API changes

Subject: Re: 2.6.19 timer API changes
From: Atsushi Nemoto <>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 23:34:10 +0900 (JST)
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On Tue, 19 Dec 2006 00:17:24 -0800 (PST), Daniel Laird 
<> wrote:
> When I run the kernel it hangs in the calibrate_delay function. 
> Eventually the complete kernel does run but it runs very slow. 
> This is usually an issue with the Timer Interuppt setup etc.  But I have
> looked at the other MIPS ports and seem to have made the same changes. 
> On the PNX8550 it does not use the CP0 timer but use a different timer (the
> Custom MIPS core has 3 extra timers) 

Hmm, do the TIMER1 and CP0_COUNTER run at same speed?  If no, the
PNX8550 port should be broken (i.e. gettimeofday() did not work
properly) even without the timer API changes.  You should provide
custom clocksource.mips_read (previously named mips_hpt_read) function
which returns TIMER1 counter value.  If the TIMER1 was not 32-bit
free-run counter, some trick would be required.  Refer sb1250 or
jmr3927 for example.

Atsushi Nemoto

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