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Re: serial console: platform_device

Subject: Re: serial console: platform_device
From: Sergei Shtylyov <>
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2006 22:42:46 +0300
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Ashlesha Shintre wrote:

I m working on porting the kernel to the Encore M3 (AU1500)
board --

The kernel mounts the NFS root and executes the init=/bin/sh program --
however I dont see it on the console (standard 8250 UART)

The reason is that there was no platform_device structure defined for
the serial console in the platform.c file.

I therefore added the following to the
arch/mips/au1000/common/platform.c file,

I doubt this is fitting place, since it only registers SoC devices. Move this to the *board* specific code instead.

static struct plat_serial8250_port encm3_via_uart_data[] = {
.mapbase = 0x50000000 + 0x3f8,

I highly doubt this is correct -- the address 0x3f8 is in I/O space. And since 0x50000000 is mips_io_port_base, you do *not* need to add it here.

            .membase        = (char *)(0x50000000 +0x3f8),

This needs a kernel address, i.e. in KSEG1. As the UARTs are in the I/O space, you just don't need to set this.

static struct resource encm3_via_uart_resource = {
               .start  = VIA_COM1_ADDR, // this is 0x3f8
               .end    = VIA_COM1_ADDR + 0x7,
               .flags  = IORESOURCE_IO,

static struct platform_device encm3_via_uart = { .name = "serial8250",
               .id             = 1,
               .dev                    = {
                               .platform_data  = encm3_via_uart_data,
               .num_resources  = 1,

   Where the IRQ is declared?

               .resource       = &encm3_via_uart_resource,

Well, I doubt that you need to also decalre the UART as platform_device in addition to registering it with 8250.x -- it'll do everything for you.

I have a these queries about the above entries:

1) The serial console is on a VIA 686B southbridge which is on the PCI
bus -- however, because of the way the VIA is designed, any references
from the processor to port 0x3f8 are routed to the console -- - the 0x50000000 is the mips_io_port_base address for the Southbridge
so should the resource.flags be IORESOURCE_IO or IORESOURCE_MEM -- what
does this signify exactly?

On x86 the hardware on the busses is accessible via both memory and I/O address space (the 2nd method was historically preferred) -- so, all archs that want to reuse the standard x86 h/w have to adapt to its ways, implementing I/O address space accesses by some means, usually by dedicating the certain range of the physical addresses to it....

I tried both and neither makes a difference
to the output from the log buffer which I have pasted below.  Does this
have to do with whether the ports are i/o or memory mapped -- cus in

   This has to do with improper UART addresses you were passing.

that case it should be IORESOURCE_MEM as all io ports on MIPS processors
are memory mapped -- right?

   No, it should be IORESOURCE_IO.

2) in the platform_device structure, does the name of the device have to
be coherent with a name given to it elsewhere, if yes, where?

   You just don't need it in this case.

3) control goes into the serial8250_probe function and assigns values
from the plat_serial8250_port encm3_via_uart_data to the what
is the basic difference between registration of "probe device" versus
"platform bus" devices in the 2.6 kernel?

   I'm not sure I follow you here.

WBR, Sergei

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