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a1500 Performance query ?

Subject: a1500 Performance query ?
From: David McCullough <>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 21:31:50 +1000
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Hi all,

I just put together a 2.6.18 image on an older Bosporus board (400MHz
au1500) and I am a bit disappointed with the networking performance.
The few stats I have seen suggest that it should easily be doing 100Mbps
of networking throughput, but I am seeing less than 60Mbps using either
the onboard NIC's or a dual Intel e1000.

I am running a fairly stock 2.6.18 compiled with mipsel-linux-gcc version 3.4.6.
Full netfilter firewall setup doing a through box (all kernel mode) test.

The original BSP came with 2.4.21 and gcc 3.2.1 (mips_fp_le-gcc?) if that
is significant.

Linux reports CPU of 396MHz,  CPUPLL and POWERCTRL registers are set for full
speed and the RAM is running at the right speed (checked with an analyser).

I expected the board to perform much better and figured something obvious
must be wrong. Hopefully someone who knows these boards better has some
ideas :-)


David McCullough,,   Ph:+61 734352815
Secure Computing - SnapGear

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