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RE: Problems booting Linux on MIPS34K core

To: "'Atsushi Nemoto'" <>
Subject: RE: Problems booting Linux on MIPS34K core
From: Trevor Hamm <>
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 15:09:34 -0800
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> Subject: Re: Problems booting Linux on MIPS34K core
> Then, I can imagine three (hardly possible) case:
> A.  PG_dcache_dirty bit was cleared accidently.
> B.  The page is accessed by user process without page_mapping()
> C.  kernel forgot to call update_mmu_cache() at somewhere.
> If case A, removing "&& Page_dcache_dirty(page)" condition from
> __update_cache() will hide your problem.  If case B, calling
> flush_dcache_page() unconditionally in __update_cache() will hide your
> problem.
> Anyway for now I can not see why this can happen...

Okay, so after writing up that long explanation, reading through some more 
kernel code, and re-reading what you wrote above, I realize that all I've done 
was to verify what you've already suspected all along -- that a 
flush_dcache_page on this page somehow doesn't flush the page.  This is my 
first time studying the cache/memory management code in Linux 2.6; thanks for 
being so patient with me :-)

I tried the remedies you suggested for Case A and B, but neither one produces a 
kernel which can boot from power-up.  So far, the only work-around that works 
is calling flush_data_cache_page unconditionally from __flush_dcache_page.  
This would imply that Case C is the culprit.  I'll see what I can do to verify 


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