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RE: Problems booting Linux on MIPS34K core

To: "'Atsushi Nemoto'" <>
Subject: RE: Problems booting Linux on MIPS34K core
From: Trevor Hamm <>
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 11:23:58 -0800
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> Subject: Re: Problems booting Linux on MIPS34K core
> Then, I can imagine three (hardly possible) case:
> A.  PG_dcache_dirty bit was cleared accidently.
> B.  The page is accessed by user process without page_mapping()
> C.  kernel forgot to call update_mmu_cache() at somewhere.
> If case A, removing "&& Page_dcache_dirty(page)" condition from
> __update_cache() will hide your problem.  If case B, calling
> flush_dcache_page() unconditionally in __update_cache() will hide your
> problem.
> Anyway for now I can not see why this can happen...

I've been doing more probing with our FS2 probe, and now have a much better 
understanding of what is going on.  I used the probe to step through the 
copy_user_highpage() function while it's copying in the page which seems to be 
corrupted.  What I found seems to suggest a problem with cache aliases.  In 
copy_user_highpage(), it calls copy_page() with "vfrom" computed from the new 
kmap_coherent() function:
        if (cpu_has_dc_aliases) {
                vfrom = kmap_coherent(from, vaddr);
                copy_page(vto, vfrom);

In my case, for the page of interest:
        vaddr = 0x2aaecb5c
        vfrom = 0xfffdc000
        Phys. address of this page is 0x011ca000

When I examine the data in this page from both 0x011ca000 and 0xfffdc000, the 
contents are close to identical.  When I look at the page through address 
0x811ca000, I get completely different data, but it's the data I expect to see. 
 So this tells me that data I want in the page is still in the dcache, but 
aliased address 0xfffdc000 cannot get at it.  It just so happens that this 
aliasing is still occurring on the re-boot following a software reset, but some 
event between the lock-up and re-boot caused the cache contents to be written 
back into main memory, so the aliased page is getting the correct data by 
accident on the re-boot.  If I flush the entire dcache with the FS2 probe just 
before entering copy_page(), the board boots from power-up without any issues.

The log entry for the patch which introduced the kmap_coherent() function 
explains that the patch was a fix for dcache aliasing, yet it seems to be 
introducing a dcache alias here.  Any idea why?

> Just for confirm:
> 1. This can happen on latest lmo git tree or 2.6.19-rc5.
> 2. UP kernel.
> 3. No L2 cache.
> 4. icache and dcache are both virtually indexed and physically tagged.
> All correct?

Except for #1 which I haven't tried (we need to get this working with 2.6.18), 
all correct.  The caches are 64k, 4-way.


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