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Problem with THREAD_SIZE_ORDER being undefined

Subject: Problem with THREAD_SIZE_ORDER being undefined
From: David Goodenough <>
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 11:06:01 +0100
Organization: Linkchoose Ltd
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Has anything changed in 2.6.17 from 2.6.15 with respect to 
THREAD_SIZE_ORDER and thread_info.h?

I have some patches for the Infineon ADM5120 which I am 
having difficulty compiling.  The very first thing it 
trys to build is arch/asm-mips/asm_offsets.c and this fails
saying that:-
include/linux/sched.h:1025: error: `THREAD_SIZE_ORDER' undeclared here (not in 
a function)

THREAD_SIZE_ORDER is defined in thread_info.h, and depends on various CONFIG
options, we have CONFIG_PAGE_SIZE_4K and CONFIG_32BIT both set to y which 
should set it properly, but the error message says it is not.

These patches used to compile, so my guess is that there has been a change
in the common code that the patches do not take account of.  Anyone got
any ideas?



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