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RE: [MIPS] SB1: Build fix: delete initialization of flush_icache_page po

To: "Atsushi Nemoto" <>
Subject: RE: [MIPS] SB1: Build fix: delete initialization of flush_icache_page pointer.
From: "Manoj Ekbote" <>
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 18:54:40 -0700
Cc:,, "Mark E Mason" <>
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Thread-topic: [MIPS] SB1: Build fix: delete initialization of flush_icache_page pointer.

I tried the patch that you pointed to and UP kernel boots fine. Looks
like that was a icache and dcache coherency problem now that there is no
flush_icache_page implementation.

The SMP kernel still has trouble.Turning on the first printk in fault.c
makes it work..which is interesting.
I added a __sb1_flush_icache_range call with dcache invalidation..still
no help. I don't see a SIGSEGV message now.The kernel hangs with no
response to keystrokes and the soft lockup detect error shows up after

Oh, inserting flush_icache_page caused the kernel to panic. I also see
that __flush_icache_page is not used anywhere. Any future use?


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>Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2006 2:40 AM
>To: Manoj Ekbote
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>Subject: Re: [MIPS] SB1: Build fix: delete initialization of 
>flush_icache_page pointer.
>On Mon, 25 Sep 2006 20:05:59 -0700, "Manoj Ekbote" 
><> wrote:
>> The latest tip still has problems with booting on Broadcom boards.
>> I turned on a couple of printk's in the page fault handler and I see 
>> the following messages:
>> It looks like a cache corruption issue.  Did the removal of 
>> flush_icache_page cause this?
>Yes perhaps.  But flush_icache_page() itself is obsolete API 
>and should be gone (see Documentation/cachetlb.txt).  So there 
>should be fault in somewhere else.
>I think 
>is still needed, but it seems not enough.
>If reverting flush_icache_page() worked, then you can debug more.
>1. kill part of local_sb1_flush_icache_page().
>If killing __sb1_writeback_inv_dcache_phys_range() part was 
>OK, then it would be dcache issue, if killing 
>drop_mmu_context() part was OK, then it would be icache issue.
>2. kill calls of flush_icache_page().
>If is used in only 3 places.
>mm/fremap.c:    flush_icache_page(vma, page);
>mm/memory.c:    flush_icache_page(vma, page);
>mm/memory.c:            flush_icache_page(vma, new_page);
>Finding which lines are required might help further investigation.
>Another possible approach might be trying c-r4k.c instead of c-sb1.c.
>If you wanted to debug with latest git tree, note that 
>include/asm-mips/hazard.h in current lmo git tree seems 
>broken.  The fix was already posted to this ML so hopefully we 
>can see in git tree soon...
>Atsushi Nemoto

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