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vmlinux and umon

Subject: vmlinux and umon
From: Carlos Mitidieri <>
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 12:12:16 +0200
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Hi List,

As I posted some days ago, I am porting the kernel 2.6.15 to a CSB655 board.

I am trying to boot a vmlinux image from the umon that came with the board 
without sucess: The kernel crashes when setup_arch() is called in 
start_kernel() function (init/main.c), without any output to the console from 
the printk()'s that are just before setup_arch().   

What I could devise until now is that there is a mismatch between the memory 
mappings of umon and linux. The umon  sets  RAMBASE  to 0xa0000000, and loads 
applications to addresses above 0xa0300000, only. Linux-mips sets PAGE_OFFSET 
to 0x80000000 and assumes that the kernel is loaded in KSEG0 (correct me 
please if I am saying something that is not true).

Now, if set LOADADD e.g. to 0xa0400000 in arch/mips/Makefile, the vmlinux 
booting fails for a more or less obvious reason (mismatch to PAGE_OFFSET).
But if I adjust the PAGE_OFFSET to match the umon's mapping (i.e. to 0xa000 
0000) the kernel booting. In both cases at the same point described above.

What am I missing here? 
Thanks in advance  and best regards.

Carlos Mitidieri
SYSGO AG - Office Ulm

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