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Re: [PATCH] RM9000 serial driver

To: Thomas Koeller <>
Subject: Re: [PATCH] RM9000 serial driver
From: Sergei Shtylyov <>
Date: Sat, 09 Sep 2006 21:19:37 +0400
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Organization: MontaVista Software Inc.
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Hello, I wrote:

@@ -289,6 +296,36 @@ static inline int map_8250_out_reg(struc
    return au_io_out_map[offset];

+#elif defined (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_RM9K)
+static const u8
+    regmap_in[8] = {
+        [UART_RX]    = 0x00,
+        [UART_IER]    = 0x0c,
+        [UART_IIR]    = 0x14,
+        [UART_LCR]    = 0x1c,
+        [UART_MCR]    = 0x20,
+        [UART_LSR]    = 0x24,
+        [UART_MSR]    = 0x28,
+        [UART_SCR]    = 0x2c
+    },
+    regmap_out[8] = {
+        [UART_TX]     = 0x04,
+        [UART_IER]    = 0x0c,
+        [UART_FCR]    = 0x18,
+        [UART_LCR]    = 0x1c,
+        [UART_MCR]    = 0x20,
+        [UART_LSR]    = 0x24,
+        [UART_MSR]    = 0x28,
+        [UART_SCR]    = 0x2c
+    };

   I guess you're using regshift == 0?


Well, regshift of 2 seems more fitting for the 32-bit registers. This is not principal but using 0 regshift don't actually buy anything -- the shift will be perfomed anyway.

   Not only that -- look at serial8250_request_std_resources(). Withouth the
proper regshift of 2 it won't be able to correctly calculate UART decoded
memory range size.  So, 0 simply doesn't fit.

implementations, and hence every code to support a nonstandard device must define an iotype of its own, even though one of the existing iotypes would work just fine? In my

UPIO_MEM32 doesn't actually cover your case as it corresponds to the UART with the fully 8250-compatible register set, just having 32-bit registers instead of the usual 8-bit ones. RM9000 is clearly not fully compatible to 8250 in regard to the register addresses since it has RX/TX regs, FCR and the divisor latch mapped to the separate addresses, just like Alchemy UART. And I stressed that it's the main issue with this
UART's compatibility to 8250 in my first followup.

Further on, even if the regshift is correct it (being used as 8 << regshift) still won't give you the correct resource size since as I just said, the UART is not 8250-compatible and has more than 8 32-bit registers. So we end up with the need to modify serial8250_request_std_resources() and serial8250_release_std_resources().


WBR, Sergei

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