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IRQ mapping in 2.6 for the Ampro M3 board.

Subject: IRQ mapping in 2.6 for the Ampro M3 board.
From: Ashlesha Shintre <>
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 13:30:29 -0700
Original-recipient: rfc822;

After issuing the make -f Makefile.linux command, to build a 2.6 kernel
image for the Ampro M3 board (AU1500 processor), I get the following
error with respect to the interrupt definitions:

arch/mips/au1000/encm3/irqmap.c:78: error: `AU1000_MAC0_DMA_INT' undeclared 
here (not in a function)
arch/mips/au1000/encm3/irqmap.c:78: error: initializer element is not constant

This is how I define interrupt mappings in the irqmap.c file:

au1xxx_irq_map_t au1xxx_irq_map[] = {
        { AU1000_UART0_INT, INTC_INT_HIGH_LEVEL, 0},
        { AU1000_PCI_INTA, INTC_INT_LOW_LEVEL, 0 },
        { AU1000_PCI_INTB, INTC_INT_LOW_LEVEL, 0 },          etc......

I looked at how the irq map is defined for the existing board support for the 
DB1500 board, and it looks the same.  However I do not get the same
error while compiling the 2.6 kernel for the same!

Should the irq_map be defined differently?


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