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[PATCH] TX49 has write buffer

To: Linux-MIPS <>, Ralf Baechle <>
Subject: [PATCH] TX49 has write buffer
From: Sergei Shtylyov <>
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 03:00:23 +0400
Cc: Manish Lachwani <>
Organization: MontaVista Software Inc.
Original-recipient: rfc822;
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TX49 CPUs have a write buffer, so we need to select CPU_HAS_WB -- otherwise all Toshiba RBTX49xx kernels fail to build.

Signed-off-by: Sergei Shtylyov <>

Index: linux-mips/arch/mips/Kconfig
--- linux-mips.orig/arch/mips/Kconfig
+++ linux-mips/arch/mips/Kconfig
@@ -1225,6 +1225,7 @@ config CPU_TX49XX
        bool "R49XX"
        depends on SYS_HAS_CPU_TX49XX
        select CPU_HAS_LLSC
+       select CPU_HAS_WB
        select CPU_HAS_PREFETCH
        select CPU_SUPPORTS_32BIT_KERNEL
        select CPU_SUPPORTS_64BIT_KERNEL

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