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Location of PCI setup code

Subject: Location of PCI setup code
From: Thomas Koeller <>
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006 22:46:17 +0200
Organization: Basler AG
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the PCI setup code for a platform is conventionally located in arch/mips/pci. 
I fail to see the benefits of separating this particular part of a platform's 
setup from the rest. The PCI setup code will in general contain references to 
platform-specific information, such as the overall address space layout, of 
which the PCI memory and I/O pages are a part. If the PCI setup code were in 
the platform subdirectory, sharing this information by means of a 
platform-local header file would be easy. But with the PCI code in 
arch/mips/pci, this becomes more difficult. The platform header could be 
located somewhere outside the platform's directory, maybe under 
'include' (where?), or referenced via an ugly relative path like 
'../../vendor/platform/platform.h'. All this seems rather clumsy to me. No 
other part of a platform's initialization is separated from the rest in a 
similar way, so what is so special about PCI setup that it cannot be in the 
platform directory, thereby avoiding all these annoyances? 


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