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Re: Au1200 MMC/SD problem

To: "Wolfgang Ocker" <>
Subject: Re: Au1200 MMC/SD problem
From: "Jordan Crouse" <>
Date: Wed, 3 May 2006 08:59:27 -0600
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> The last one. In au1xmmc_irq() the status register is read with the
> SD_STATUS_RAT bit set.

Ok - so the card is timing out.  That could be a series of problems, some
of which could be hardware, some of which could be software.  Since you are
using a db1200, I'll rule out hardware for the moment, unless you have a
modified board.

Do MMC cards work?  Try one - that will give us another data point.


Jordan Crouse
Senior Linux Engineer
AMD - Personal Connectivity Solutions Group

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