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RE: Reading an entire cacheline

To: "'Kevin D. Kissell'" <>
Subject: RE: Reading an entire cacheline
From: "Kim, Jong-Sung" <>
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 14:04:07 +0900
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Dear Mr. Kissell,

Thank you for your advices about disassembling. Please see:

1380:   ...
1384:   00431025        or      v0,v0,v1
1388:   00441025        or      v0,v0,a0
138c:   bc450000        cache   0x5,0(v0)
1390:   4002e000        mfc0    v0,c0_taglo
1394:   4003e001        mfc0    v1,c0_datalo
1398:   4004e801        mfc0    a0,c0_datahi
139c:   bc450008        cache   0x5,8(v0)
13a0:   4005e000        mfc0    a1,c0_taglo
13a4:   4006e001        mfc0    a2,c0_datalo
13a8:   4007e801        mfc0    a3,c0_datahi
13ac:   bc450010        cache   0x5,16(v0)
13b0:   4008e000        mfc0    t0,c0_taglo
13b4:   4009e001        mfc0    t1,c0_datalo
13b8:   400ae801        mfc0    t2,c0_datahi
13bc:   bc450010        cache   0x5,16(v0)
13c0:   400be000        mfc0    t3,c0_taglo
13c4:   400ee001        mfc0    t6,c0_datalo
13c8:   400ce801        mfc0    t4,c0_datahi
13cc:   ae020020        sw      v0,32(s0)
13d0:   ae030060        sw      v1,96(s0)
13d4:   ...

It seems no memory variable is accessed during the sequence. The obviously
unexpected thing is the use of register v0. It should have the value of the
index and should not be touched before the execution of the last cache
instruction. In this way, tags read are doomed to be different.

It's my fault. So, I corrected the "=r" to be "=&r", and it seems work.
Thank you again.


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To: Kim, Jong-Sung; Thiemo Seufer
Subject: Re: Reading an entire cacheline

> [snip]
> > //" bne %0, %9, 2b\n"
> > " .set mips0\n"
> > " .set reorder"
> > : "=r" (tag[1][way][0]), "=r" (datalo[1][way][0]),
> >   "=r" (datahi[1][way][0]),
> >   "=r" (tag[1][way][1]), "=r" (datalo[1][way][1]),
> >   "=r" (datahi[1][way][1]),
> >   "=r" (tag[1][way][2]), "=r" (datalo[1][way][2]),
> >   "=r" (datahi[1][way][2]),
> >   "=r" (tag[1][way][3]), "=r" (datalo[1][way][3]),
> >   "=r" (datahi[1][way][3])
> > : "r" (0x80000000 | (way << 14) | (line << 5))
> > );
> And this part may cause the problem you are seeing, I presume
> datalo/datahi live in memory, and accesses of it change the dcache.

As I was hoping disassembly would demonstrate for you,
declaring "=r" doesn't mean that the variable has no life
outside a register.


            Kevin K.

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