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mips64 kgdb fpu access bug

To: "''" <>
Subject: mips64 kgdb fpu access bug
From: Pete Popov <>
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 13:54:59 -0700
Organization: Embedded Alley Solutions, Inc
Original-recipient: rfc822;
I'm running into a random problem with a mips64 kernel (2.6.14 based). I
see the problem on the MIPS Malta 5kf board but it seems like a generic
bug to me. What happens is that CP0 FR bit is zero and an add register
is accessed by an instruction whose datatype is 64 bits. That results in
a reserved instruction kernel fault. I see this bug in gdb-low.S - the
code checks to see if CU1 is enabled but then it seems to assume that FR
is always 1 when running a 64bit kernel. However, I also randomly see
the bug without kgdb being enabled when we hit _save_fp and this macro:

.macro  fpu_save_double thread status tmp1 tmp2
        sll     \tmp2, \tmp1, 5
        bgez    \tmp2, 2f
        fpu_save_16odd \thread
        fpu_save_16even \thread \tmp1                   # clobbers t1

tmp1 is "t0" and it's not clear to me why we're checking t0 instead of
status in order to decide whether to save the odd registers or not. I
must be missing something because others would have hit this bug by now.
Any clues would be appreciated.



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