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RE: Oprofile on sibyte 2.4.18 kernel

To: "Shanthi Kiran Pendyala (skiranp)" <>, "Ralf Baechle" <>
Subject: RE: Oprofile on sibyte 2.4.18 kernel
From: "Mark E Mason" <>
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 14:42:06 -0700
Cc: "linux-mips" <>
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Thread-topic: Oprofile on sibyte 2.4.18 kernel

FYI: don't use the oprofile tools tarball - use the latest from the CVS
site on sourceforge.  The last tarball on the website is more than a bit
out of date.

I'll follow up on your other questions in a separate email (in a little


> #1: I looked at oprofile-0.9.1 and it lists this event for SB1 in the
> events/mips/sb1 directory
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> ----------
> ---
> event:10 counters:1,2,3 um:zero minimum:500 
> name:DCACHE_FILLED_SHD_NONC_EXC :Dcache is filled (shared, nonc,
> exclusive)
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> However this doesn't have an equivalent performance source 
> Listed in the sibyte manual (table 33 system performance 
> counter sources).

Are you looking in Sb1-UM100-RDS.pdf?  This is in table 95 in my copy,
on page 96/97 (section 11).  Also note that the table isn't in order --
event #10 appears on the top of the 2nd page.  It's logical grouping,
not numeric.

> #2: how does the mapping from event numbers to performance 
> sources work for sibyte ?
> I looked at the op_model_mipsxx.c file in the 2.6 CVS tree 
> and the macro it uses doesn't seem to match the format 
> specified for perf_cnt_cfg register in sibyte.

Are you using the kernel from CVS instead of git?  The SB1 oprofile
support didn't turn up in the kernel until sometime mid-January, and is
only available through the git version (the CVS version of the kernel is
long out of date).


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