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Using hardware watchpoint for applications debugging

To: <>
Subject: Using hardware watchpoint for applications debugging
From: "colin" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 21:47:58 +0800
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Hi all,
Our applications encounter memory crash very often. Thus we would like to
use hardware watchpoint on our platform, MIPS 4KEc.
After starting to design it, more and more issues emerge. They are listed
    1. WatchLo Register only has 29 bits to indicate the VAddr. Therefore,
it will also trigger exceptions when accessing nearby addresses.
    2. When an exception happens and we find that it's not touching the righ
address, we will discard it. However, exception will happen again because
the former instruction will be re-executed when the exception is finished.

Is there any easy way to solve these problems?


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