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Re: Emulating MIPS -- please help!

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Subject: Re: Emulating MIPS -- please help!
From: "Alexander Voropay" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 10:59:13 +0400
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From: "Chris Boot" <>

Can anyone post some instructions and, perhaps, a .config for 2.6.16 so I can get some output like kernel boot messages and a login screen?

I've spent some time playing with GXEmul and Linux kernel.
The Linux 2.4.x under GXEemul 0.3.8 works fine.
The UART, timer, VGA/pckbd and IDE are working.
You could find a precompiled 2.4 kernel with built-in ramdisk there:
One kernel is compiled with GCC2.9.6 while another with
GCC 3.3.5. They shows different CPU frequency under
emulator due to the tricky "loop optimization" in the GXEmul/mips.

You could use DISK-debian image with pivot_root also to
get a mips/debian with glibc and GCC. Use a -di: option
to attach an IDE disk image.

To run this kernels, use Malta mode:
$ ./gxemul -E evbmips -e malta vmlinux_2_4_32-malta-ide-pci-ramdisk.elf.gz

Wait a minute to fill GXEmul translation cache. PCI stuff in the
GXEmul does not work (try lspci).

Unfortunately, I still can't get Linux 2.6.x working under GXEmul.
The interrupt routines in the 2.6 was massively changed
and this produces IRQ16 spurious interrupt infinity loop.
It's reasonable difficult to find such sort of bugs.


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