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au1550 oprofile

Subject: au1550 oprofile
From: Steve Lazaridis <>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 21:22:11 -0500
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Has anyone successfully ran oprofile on an au1550?
If so, was it in BigEndian mode?

Are there any known issues with oprofile on au1xxx platforms?

Here's some information on what I'm currently running.
Oprofile version:  oprofile 0.9.2cvs
Oprofile kernel:   driver: 2.6.15
Kernel version:    2.6.13rc7 ~ from linux-mips
Endianess:         Big

I'm running in __timer mode__, I can't use performance counters.

What I did was take the latest version of the oprofile kernel driver from 2.6.15 and backport all the changes. I also merged in the latest changes for the arch/mips/oprofile stuff too.

That finally got the driver to compile and load on the target.

I then attempted the following:
opcontrol --no-vmlinux
opcontrol --start
opcontrol --shutdown

opcontrol --dump   <--- returns nothing

opreport -l        <--- returns the following:
opreport error: No sample file found: try running opcontrol --dump
or specify a session containing sample files

I then realized that the timer_interupt handler wasn't being called. I fixed that, so now I can actually see the /dev/oprofile/stats/cpu0/sample_received being increased.
__but__ I still have no output from the opreport or opcontrol --dump

At this point I'm asking for help, any tips or hints are much appreciated.


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