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Re: BCM91x80A/B PCI DMA problems

To: Mark E Mason <>
Subject: Re: BCM91x80A/B PCI DMA problems
From: Martin Michlmayr <>
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 16:38:22 +0000
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* Mark E Mason <> [2006-03-14 08:21]:
> There's a lot of PCI HW out there that's 32-bit only, but there's
> also a fair bit that isn't.  A 32-bit device in a 64-bit system is
> going to require bounce buffering by the driver/OS.

If I understand you correctly, you're saying that you currently don't
supporting 32 bit PCI cards on the SB1 platform.  Is this something
you care about, or should I get a 64-bit PCI card instead?  How hard
would it be to implement bounce buffering anyway?
Martin Michlmayr

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