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Re: [PATCH] IDT Interprise Processor Support for Linux 2.6.x

To: "Robin H. Johnson" <>
Subject: Re: [PATCH] IDT Interprise Processor Support for Linux 2.6.x
From: "P. Christeas" <>
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 11:37:58 +0200
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On Friday 10 March 2006 7:15 am, Robin H. Johnson wrote:
> I'm not Ralf, but I gave your patch a quick once-over anyway for the
> hell of it.
> I see a lot of duplicated code, esp in arch/mips/idt-boards and the
> network drivers.
> Is it possible to have a kernel capable of booting on all IDT boards?
> Could such a kernel detect what board it's actually running on - or
> enough elements of the board configuration to provide more generic
> drivers?

Without going into details of the code or the hardware, I would advise against 
that. linux/arch follows that principle: separate the platform-specific code.
Even if the code is similar, it is better to separate it. Especially for such 
processors (like IDT's), which suggest that the system is embedded. We don't 
want an all-capable kernel, but the smallest one that can cover the hardware.

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