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[PATCH] Broadcom Sibyte SB1xxx NAPI ethernet support

To: "Martin Michlmayr" <>,
Subject: [PATCH] Broadcom Sibyte SB1xxx NAPI ethernet support
From: "Tom Rix" <>
Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2006 22:42:21 -0600
Cc: "Mark E Mason" <>
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Organization: specifix
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This patch adds NAPI support for the Broadcom Sibyte SB1xxx family. The changes are limited to adding a new config key SBMAC_NAPI to the drivers/net/Kconfig and by adding the poll op and interrupt support to drivers/net/sb1250-mac.c.

This patch also has a fix to drivers/net/sb1250-mac.c, the dma descriptor table ptr is allocated, aligned and the aligned ptr is freed. If the ptr was not already aligned (usually is) then the free would not work of what was returned by the kmalloc. A variable was added to store the unaligned pointer so that it could be properly freed.

I have tested this patch on a BCM91250A-SWARM Pass 2 / An.

Mark Mason from Broadcom was very helpful and tested this patch on at least a 1480.


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