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CVS commit notification list and the git conversion

Subject: CVS commit notification list and the git conversion
From: Ralf Baechle <>
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 17:57:32 +0000
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As you may have noticed, the good old linux-cvs and linux-cvs-patches
mailing lists haven't received any postings since I converted the MIPS
kernel repository to git.  I now have the necessary bits and pieces in
places to resume the same kind of notifications with git.  I'm therefore
going to rename the two lists to linux-git rsp. linux-git-patches and will
have the notification catch up on postings that were not sent out due
since the conversion.

If you were subscribed to linux-cvs or linux-cvs-patches you will be
subscribed to the new list; there is nothing you will have to do.

As candy for procmail users the list has headers that looks like:
X-Git-Branch: master, X-Git-Branch: linux-2.4 etc. which can be used to
sort email.

As an implmentation choice I decieded to aggregate all commits merge from into a single mail rather than a large number of individual
mails, so it's going to be easier to follow what's really going on on  In case you care about all the details of the changesets
from as well I suggest you subscribe via majordomo to either to follow 2.6 development or for the 2.4 development.


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