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Re: MIPS kernel status as of 2.6.16-rc5

To: Michael Dosser <>
Subject: Re: MIPS kernel status as of 2.6.16-rc5
From: Julien BLACHE <>
Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2006 22:23:39 +0100
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Michael Dosser <> wrote:


>>  - IP22: Indigo2 with > 256 MB fails to boot (regression from 2.4;
>>    while 2.4 would only see 256 MB, it would at least boot)
> Is there a chance, that even if it would boot with > 256 MB linux could
> actually use all 384 MB of RAM? If not, does anybody know why and can
> explain it (I am no kernel developer and know only very little about the
> I2 hardware)?

IIRC, a discontig memory implementation is needed for the I2 to use
more than 256 MB, due to the memory layout on this machine (with
aliased memory etc -- see the R3000 MC spec).

I kind of lost track of this issue recently, so I may have forgotten
some details and got part of the above totally wrong :)


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