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MIPS kernel status as of 2.6.16-rc5

Subject: MIPS kernel status as of 2.6.16-rc5
From: Martin Michlmayr <>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 21:41:44 +0000
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I did some tests with 2.6.16-rc5 on a number of platforms and here's
a status report.

Problems first. ;-)

 - The iomap patch is not in the mips-linux tree yet.  Needs support for
   multiple PCI busses (as well for non-PCI busses?), see discussion at

 - >2 min delay probing for hard drives.  The following patch still
   needs to be applied by Ralf:
 - The IDE/network interaction crash has been greatly improved by
   but is not 100% gone.  Nobody on netdev commented on the patch yet.
 - Possible corruption with USB (regression from 2.4) but I have
   not had a chance to reproduce this yet; possibly related to
   64-bit.  Will ask bug reporter to test with a 32-bit kernel.

Cobalt (64-bit):
64-bit has a number of problems.  Peter Horton says "What surprises me
is that all the problems appear to be timing related rather than 32/64
bit portability issues. Maybe this is 'cos the RM5231 has such small
caches; doubling the size of all the kernel's pointers probably impacts
us badly and slows everything down."

 - Tulip driver thinks MAC address on Qube 2700 is "ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff"
 - Tulip driver needs fix from Grant Grundler that has been nacked by
   Jeff Garzik.
 - PCI audio with ALSA doesn't work.  In the past it failed with:
   now we get:

 - IP22 doesn't shutdown due to a oops in the serial driver.  Patch at
 - IP22: Indigo2 with > 256 MB fails to boot (regression from 2.4;
   while 2.4 would only see 256 MB, it would at least boot)
 - IP22: VINO support is broken on 64-bit:
 - IP32: Apparently O2 with 384 MB RAM doesn't load, see
   Kumba said IP32 works "only, it seems, on multiples like 64, 128, 256,
   and 512, based on issues we've seen gentoo-side"
 - IP32: FB doesn't work when you use > 4 MB RAM for it.

 - The duart driver for SWARM is not in mainline anymore; a regression
   from 2.4.
 - Apparently USB hid is broken (says p2); a regression from 2.4.
 - There are a number of time related problems; patches available:
    - gettimeofday jumps backwards then forwards (generic plus SB1250)
    - fix lost ticks on SB1250
    - bcm1480 doubled process accounting times
 - Minor feature updates to the BCM1250/BCM1480 header files
 - bcm1x80: while 4 CPUs are found, Bogomips are never displayed.  So
   maybe something with the recent SMP change is still not 100% right.
   [Actually, it seems this is not reported in non-SMP either]
 - bcm1x80: PCI DMA seems completely broken.

What works:

Cobalt (32-bit):
 - boots
 - loading an initrd works (needs CoLo 1.21)
 - PCI works: SCSI, USB, audio and network tested

 - boots
 - loading of initrd image generated by tip22 works
 - HAL2 (sound) works, but driver should be converted to ALSA
 - VINO: supposedly works with a 32-bit kernel
 - fb: unknown

 - boots
 - loading of initrd image generated by tip32 works
 - fb works (with 4 MB)

Broadcom SWARM (1250):
 - boots
 - loading an initrd works
 - IDE works

Martin Michlmayr

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