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Re: adding HD video to a MIPS board

To: J S <>
Subject: Re: adding HD video to a MIPS board
From: Stuart Longland <>
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006 11:08:07 +1000
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J S wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone has ever attempted some
> version of the "MythTV" project (DIY Linux-based
> version of TIVO) with a basic MIPS board such as a
> MALTA (but something quicker would probably be needed)
> and an off-the-shelf PCI encoder/decoder card? What
> hardware did you use? 
> Did you use this Linux distribution or another?  
> Thanks for any help you can provide,

I'm tempted to try this with my SGI O2 and a Brooktree BT848 capture
card ... but to gain full benefit, it'd need to wait for the sound card
driver to get fixed, and for some VICE firmware to be written.

The thought I had, was to use VICE to do hardware Vorbis and perhaps
Theora compression (if there's sufficient grunt), and turn my O2 into a
small video capture box.  MythTV was an option there ... but as I say,
180MHz is a bit slow to do this without hardware acceleration, plus the
lack of a working sound card practically rules it out.

You could probably do it with a hardware-encoding MPEG TV card, and make
a decent MythTV backend.  Or if you look around, there are actual MIPS
boards with exactly this sort of functionality built in. :-)
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