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VR5701 GPIO trouble

Subject: VR5701 GPIO trouble
From: "Hal -" <>
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 03:40:17 +0000
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What is the kernel interrupt number for the GPIO ports of the VR5701?

I am making a driver for a VR5701 board and am having trouble with interrupts. I've set up a pushbutton on GPIO pin 29. When I press a button, the CPU registers GIU_PIO0, nothing happens when it's supposed to call the interrupt handler and do a printk();

The initialization function first sets bit 4 of INT_MASK (not GIU_INTMASK), defined in asm/vr5701.h, to 1 because I want to enable interrupt 4.

It then sets INT_ROUTE0's bits 19:16 to 0100 to route device 4 (GPIO) to interrupt 4. It clears all gpio interrupts, all cpu interrupts, sets interrupt type to edge trigger, proper polarity, gpio interrupt mask, and gpio direction register (GIU_INTCLR, INT_CLR, GIU_INTTYPE, GIU_INTPOL, GIU_INTMASK, GIU_DIR0, respectively).

It then does a request_irq with IRQ 4, SA_INTERRUPT flag, and device ID of 4.

Did I miss anything? What else should be done to get the pushbutton working properly?

Thank you.

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