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Re: Cobalt Raq2 HD upgrade - Advice required

To: Peter Horton <>
Subject: Re: Cobalt Raq2 HD upgrade - Advice required
From: Dominique Quatravaux <>
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 15:01:45 +0100
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Tanks for all the responses so far. I have updated the Wiki page, and I
may do it again after I complete the upgrade.

freshy98 wrote:

> All you need is a new IDE cable since the default one only has the
> Master connector and you need the Slave as well.
> Apart from that it should be easy.
> Oh, you also need a Molex splitter since the default one is only good
> for one drive. 

Thanks - I already guessed so much from searching for "raq2" in Google

Peter Horton wrote:

> If you have some soldering experience it's also quite easy to fit the
> components for the second IDE channel (it's just a handful of
> resistors, a diode and the connector IIRC).

I put an image of a Raq2 doctored in this way in the Wiki (I just
obtained permission from the author,  Yutaka Yasuda, by private mail). I
don't trust myself enough to attempt that, however; plus I cannot afford
more than one hour or two of downtime - and I don't think I could
unseathe my soldering iron in the middle of the data center :-)

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