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Re: Re: GTK/GLIB port for mipsel

To: "Stephen P. Becker" <>
Subject: Re: Re: GTK/GLIB port for mipsel
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 16:05:48 +0300
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>> Can anybody here point me to a source where I can 
>> download a glib and gtk ports for mipsel, or at least 
>> more info on this.
>Well, it wouldn't surprise me if something is broken, as 
I get the 
>feeling that the GNOME folks are notorious for doing 
unportable crap in 
>their code.  However, GTK/glib builds and works just 
fine for me.  I 
>suspect that either something is broken in your cross-
compile setup, or 
>you might be using ancient versions of these packages.  
I have both 
>glib-2.8.5 and gtk -2.8.10 installed on my (big-endian) 
machines here 
>without any problems.

I'm trying to install glib 2.8.3 (I do not think it is 
too much different from 2.8.5). I have little-endian mips 
architecture (mipsel) and am installing the library on 
the RedHat Linux with core 2.4 (both on a target and on a 
I'm using the following parameters with configure:
./configure --prefix=<path> --build=mipsel-linux --
host=i686-linux --with-libiconv=gnu

Do you have you gtk/glib compiled from the sources on 
your machine or just a binaries installed? Do you have 
a ./glib/gatomic.c file compiled? I do not quite 
understand how that can be (I could not see there a 
section for MIPS/MIPSEL). Also, do you have any of the 
G_ATOMIC_<platform> macros defined in the config.h file?

With respect,
Oleg Kruzhkov

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