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Re: GTK/GLIB port for mipsel

Subject: Re: GTK/GLIB port for mipsel
From: "Stephen P. Becker" <>
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 07:30:07 -0500
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Can anybody here point me to a source where I can download a glib and gtk ports for mipsel, or at least get more info on this.

Well, it wouldn't surprise me if something is broken, as I get the feeling that the GNOME folks are notorious for doing unportable crap in their code. However, GTK/glib builds and works just fine for me. I suspect that either something is broken in your cross-compile setup, or you might be using ancient versions of these packages. I have both glib-2.8.5 and gtk+-2.8.10 installed on my (big-endian) machines here without any problems.


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